Mission Planner 1.3.10 build 1.1.5369.11976

today i made an update and i can t set DO_SET_ROI …command not supported

what happend…? does it have alternative command?

I also found that poshold flight mode is missing, it was there just before Upgrading…how to get it back?

Hello. I’m having the excact same issue.
First pos_hold was there but when switching my radio it stayed on stabilize mode on the flight screen so I did an update on mission planner and now pos_hold not there or DO_SET_ROI

Mission planner 1.3.10
Aurducopter V3.1.5 hexa

Advise Please

i think i ve found it…the problem is that i ve didn t connect the APM to the mission planner…but the problem is still there …because here i live now 350km from my home i don t have my quadcopters and hexacopters…ant the problem is that i want to make some mission planning and i can t…without connect …can somebody help to open this command without connect APM?