Mission planing Loiter_Turns

question mission planing
Loiter_Turns how do get it to point the nose to the way-point then circle all i can get it to do is circle at its last heading lock then circle the waypoint
setting up drone to check water trough on sheep station

use a ROI.

this will point the drone at the point as it circles.

have a test in simulation to perfect it.

yes it works good Thank you
after it does the circle how do we cancel ROI and get it to point to next WP because on the way to the next WP it fly’s along fence line fly’s over some gates or just set more ROI on the way ?

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as i trying to keep the weight down so it don’t have a gimbal.
can we get the quad to angel now a little as it looking at ROI ?

Set a new roi to 0,0,0 to cancel it