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Mission Plain-Text file creation using python (Facade surveys)

Hello everyone. I want to create a python script that generates Mission Plain-Text Files from a list of 3D coordinates. but i can’t find any documentation on what should that file include or what parameters should be set. this script will be mainly used for facade and cliff surveys. and will be loaded into mission planner before sending it to the drone can anyone help me with that i will be so grateful. I am new to this so please excuse my lack of knowledge. the final script will be open source and made available in github and is for non commercial reasons (just my thesis) any help is greatly welcomed.

check here

i already checked that before asking here but sadly it doesn’t tell which command codes does each command correspond and the parameters required for each command. I might be wrong but i couldn’t find any.
ID’s are for Mavlink_commands. See the link above

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