Mission Mode Reverse Behavior

Simple question: Does the autopilot try to make the rover go in reverse when conducting a mission?

If it doesn’t, then does that mean that the throttle channel simply stays between 1500 and 2000? I assume that since typically 1000-1500 is reverse, while 1500-2000 is forward. Thanks for the help in clarification!

It does if you have a DO_SET_REVERSE command in the mission.

I see. If I don’t use DO_SET_REVERSE anywhere in the mission, then does it behave like I suggested above?

What would cause it to try to make it go in reverse?

Having the first waypoint of a mission be just slightly behind the rover is an example that comes to mind. A situation where driving in reverse is the most efficient way to get to a location. I’m trying to characterize the behavior of Rover. Will it simply drive forward and circle back to that example waypoint? Meaning the throttle output while conducting a mission should remain between 1500 and 2000. I’m also testing using SITL, but thought if I posted on here, someone that worked on the project might be able to chime in with a priori knowledge of the code base.

It will circle and run forward w/o an explicit reverse command. I run Rover missions all the time some with reverse by the DO_SET_REVERSE command. With Boat and Loiter mode it might reverse to keep station that I’m not sure about.

Thank you for the help!