Mission is not continue when using Object avoidance Bendy ruler


i`m testing Object avoidance Bendy ruler.

when i first test, Using copter 4.0.2
Pixhawk cube Black

when set OA - 1, and start mission, first Waypoint is working.
not continue next waypoint. jusy stuck in air. just hovering.

so, i`m using orange cube and SF40/C.
Same @rmackay9 Youtube video setting.

copter v4.0.3
i`m test today again.
when first and second test, it is good working. but after same situation is occur.
not continue next waypoint.

Here is my Log and Parameter.

OA_test.param (17.9 KB)

How can i solve this problem ?
Thank you.

Hi @juibn,
i guess your problem is about OA_DB_QUEUE_SIZE parameter,because it depends on your RAM.Try reducing it to somthing like 50 or less.I hope it works.

We had the same situation as you. Pixhawk cube Black with RPLIDAR A2. When setting OA_TYPE to 1 the copter wouldn’t continue the mission.

We reduce OA_DB_EXPIRE from 10(default) to 3 seconds and the copter starts the mission. The problem is that RPLIDAR A2 and A3 have poor performance against sunlight and the sensor noise increases in sunny conditions(note that A3 is much better than A2 but it also has the same problem) and it will mean there is an obstacle in the way to the next waypoint and it can’t find a safe path to the waypoint. So by reducing the OA_DB_EXPIRE you will help the copter to ignore noises that appear less than this time.

For checking your noises you can check the PRX set in the dataflash log.

We also reduced OA_DB_SIZE to 80 for helping the CPU to have less processing because it might affect the regiment. And we increased OA_DB_QUEUE_SIZE to 100. These may affect so.

Hope that it will help you,

Good Luck.