Mission Interrupted by RTL

I have my Skyviper tuned pretty well and have been able to create and load a couple of missions with Mission Planner. My flying area is about 10 acres and I have been experimenting with flight plans that run close to the edges of the field. I expected and get RTL interruptions due to loss of TX. These do not always happen at the same spot in the flight but are always at a distance of over 200 ft. As the drone heads for home in RTL mode, I can switch it back to Auto mode and it will go back to where it lost TX and continue the mission. Some times it takes two or more trips back to the flight path before it continues but then it completes the mission or maybe fails a few more times but unless the battery drops too low, I can get it to complete the mission. Today I flew it in higher winds than usual and it was confidence inspiring. This controller and the software is a great match up.

I forgot to ask my question. I think there is a way to ignore los of TX while in AUTO mode so that the mission will complete but I cant find it. The autopilot has all the data it needs. It does not the TX data at that point, does it?

Set FS_THR_ENABLE to “Enabled Continue with Mission in Auto Mode” (2)

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