Mission Copter Speed Control

In a simple Copter Mission as in the image how can you control the speed the copter flies between waypoints?
In ‘Auto WP - Grid’ there is a box where you can set the copter speed but in a manually created mission I can find a similar setting.
Any help would be appreciated!

The WPNAV_SPEED parameter. Alternatively you can set is at a Tune Option and adjust with a range on a Tx pot or switch mix.

Hi Dave
Thanks for pointing out that parameter! I would never had found it?
Just a further question.
How you assign Tune to a RC channel as I can’t see ‘Tune’ listed as a RCx-OPTION?
Also the Tune box in the image doesn’t seem to be linked to a RC channel.

Thanks again!

In the Full parameter list TUNE_MAX and TUNE_MIN. Even with the latest Mission Planner Beta there seems to be a problem with the Extended Tuning Page settings for this. Ignore what those boxes say. To test it after configuring in the Full Parameter List, make a change from you assigned Transmitter pot/switch then select the “Refresh Screen” button. There will be a delay and then it should update the value under WPNav>Speed. If it does you are good to go. This works fine for me I use it all the time.

I’m sure this will be fixed in a future version of Mission planner.

With Qgroundcontrol, it is possible to adjust the speed between the wp in the planning phase in a very simple way

Change Speed. Also from Mission Planner with DO_CHANGE_SPEED. Same Mavlink command.

true, but Qgroundcontrol seems easier to me :slight_smile:

Yes, for some functions I completely agree. I use it on the iPhone daily!

Thanks for the help.
The bit I am missing is how do you assign ‘Tune’ to a RC Channel (Switch/Pot)
Normaly for a RC channel you would in the parameter settings select one of the RCx_Options e.g. "AutoTune’ and the assigned switch would activate / deactivate that option.
‘Tune’ doesn’t seem to be listed as a RCx-OPTION so what option do you use?
Any help would be appreciated!

Tune is only on channel 6. So set your Transmitter pot/switch mix to chan 6.

Hi Dave
Thanks and I will try it out.