Mission controlled servo output

Mission controlled servo output.
I have been through this experience. The plane takes off ready for the mission to deliver a parcel. A servo output is programmed to release the payload at a given destination. Therefore the SERVOn_FUNCTION is set to 0. Plane is in the air and suddenly there is no need any longer for the delivery. So the plane flies back without ever reaching the drop zone. And now what. The parcel below the planes´ belly is a problem for the plane to land. Here is my point. Is there a way without a ground station to activate a servo dedicated to the planned mission? At the moment if servo function is 0, then the pilot can not activate it which is logical. But my experience tells me it would be handy if it could be operated from the TX too.
As it is now I had to land the plane with the parcel fastened to it which resulted in certain damage to the plane, to the parcel and to the release mechanism. Well just curious what ideas are there if there could be any. Maybe there is a way and I do not know it.

Why do that? Set this to an RC Input channel and trigger the same servo being commanded by DO_SET_SERVO in the Mission with a switch. I tried something similar in SITL and either one will activate the servo.

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@dkemxr this would work. But what if the rc is out of range. I assume the delivery is for long distance travel. Maybe a way to set servo using ground control. If let’s say there is telemetry datalink available.

Yes, good point if it’s out of RC Range. I guess I was thinking, and ran in SITL, that it was on RTL for some reason and all that was important was to dump the payload before landing and assumed it would be in range if not visible. But you are right, I don’t know the actual circumstance.

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The servo is operated by the mission. If you set it it to Rc pass through to operate it by Rc tx, then the mission instruction do set servo…would not work

It does work, tested. In the simulator anyway.Perhaps it doesn’t work with a firmware version that is >1yr old if you are using 3.9