Mission absolute altitude problem? Gone too high


Last weekend I was trying my very first auto flight, on my APM2.5 on an hexa frame. I run it with 6x980kv motors, 10x4.5 props and an quite large 9A 3S battery. I get good flight times, but run always high on throttle. Either way, its well responsive.

I almost lost my copter in this flight. It ended up in an forced landing, and thankfully with only a lost prop and part of the landing gear damaged.

When I engaged the auto mode, it has done a good part of the flight well. I think that up to WP3 I was very calm and enjoying it. But when it should go around some trees and come back, it startet to go away and gain a lot of altitude.

Now that I look at the logs, I think that it would have came back if I didnt get nervous and messes things up. Anyway I managed to land about 500 m away (had LOS) with minor damage.

At the kmz you will see that I have changed modes many times during flight, to bring it back to a lowe altitude, and I have tried to bring it back too by stick, with no success (I felt like it was not responding, but actually I think it was my mistake).

The real question is: why did it go so high?

When I made the flight plan, the system even warned me you are using absolute altitudes, are you sure?, and I said yes. I set it to fly 100m above ground (1060m absolute).

Any help? What I did wrong?

Thanks :slight_smile:

absolute alt does not work with arducopter.