Missing Values of ESC's in MP/Quick while connected via Telemetry MP 1.3.68

The values of the ESC’s BL Heli32 are indicated when connected via USB but not when connected via Telemetry. The values are constant Zero. The same issue on the grafics (Tuning)
But the ESC Values are in the log.
ArduPlane 3.9.8, ChibiOS.

Could be your telemetry radio is using mavlink 1. The esc telemetry is a mavlink 2 message.
What radios are you using, and how recent is the firmware on them?

Thanks for the quick answer. I use Telemetry TX/RX from 3DR with following setup:

Under the title Mavlink are no Mavlink 1 or 2 selectable.

SiK 1.7!

That’s ancient… I’d suggest updating the firmware, then making sure the serial protocol for the telemetry port is set to mavlink 2.
Download the hm-trp firmware, and update using MP



Thanks for the explication. When I click on the radio~hm-trp.ihx File, I get a long list of hex data.
I tried also to download the file via MP/Initial setup/download firmware but the same situation.
I use Firefox, it normaly asks open or safe a file.


Right click the link, then save target as (or save link as, not sure for Firefox, but something like that)

Hello James,
Thank you for the help, it works.
Now the firmware version of the radios is 2.0 and the values are indicated in MP.
Great succes! :wave: