Missing SERIALx_PROTOCOL choices

Loaded beta copy of arduplane 4.1 onto a Matek h743 wing FC .
Interested in vtx smart audio control and CRSF .
I enabled the vtx control and all the choices come up after reboot . Power , band , frequency ,it’s all there .
What I don’t see are any of the SERIALx_PROTOCOL options for smar audio and crsf . As before it ends at 28 (scripting).
I’m using a 2mb board . How do I specify and configure a serial port for smart audio or crsf

This will be because you are using an older GCS. Try using mavproxy or use the beta version of mission planner.

That did it thank you.
Question , Even though the choices did not appear in description field , could I have entered them anyway . I know what they are from arduplane wiki . Just trying to get a picture of the relationship between MP and arduplane firmware installed in FC

Yes you could have entered them anyway