Missing Script Parameters in Mission Planner


I’m currently using Mission Planner 1.3.77 build 1.3.8110.38294 with a Pixhawk 2.4.8. I am just beginning to learn Lua and ArduPilot in order to program a few servo motors for a vehicle I am working on with a team. Following the instructions the ArduPilot documentation gives, in order to run Lua scripts, I need to set SCR_ENABLE to 1. However, when looking through the full parameter list in Mission Planner, I am unable to find any SCR parameters.

I am entirely new to both Lua and Mission Planner, so I am not aware of any additional installations or firmware I may need in order to access these parameters if those missing features are the issue. I have not been able to find any information so far on this issue.

I have also attempted to create my own scripts folder within the APM folder in MAVFtp, but I’m not sure if ArudoPilot has any indication to access that folder. Any attempts to run a basic “Hello World” program have not given any outputs or indication that a connection has been made to the script. Another possibility for this is I may just be doing everything wrong.

Any help in resolving these issues I’m having would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

This is not a Mission Planner issue.

There are a lot of clone boards sold as Pixhawk 2.4.8. First, confirm that yours has at least 2MB of flash and does not suffer from the firmware limitation noted at the top of this page.

Next, confirm that you have uploaded the correct firmware for that board. You should probably be using the firmware labeled “Pixhawk1.”


My guess is you have fmuv2. As per Yuri flash to Pixhawk1 and it will be there. At least it has in every other example like this with those FC’s.

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After uploading Pixhawk1, the SCR parameters appeared. Thank you for your help!

Pixhawk1 wound up being the issue. Thank you for your help!

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