Missing Q_ENABLE parameter

Hi everyone need help. Missing Q_ENABLE Parameters

You are using extremely old firmware. Recommend installing the latest release of the firmware and latest beta version of Mission Planner.

Hi Yuri, thanks for reply. May i know what is latest Mission Planner version and firmware.
Im using APM2.8. Is it compitable for quadplane?

That is the latest version for the APM which hasn’t been supported in many years. So of course you will find no Q parameters available. That was released with 3.5.0 in 2016 after support for the APM ended.

So, you mean i need to upgrade my hardware from APM2.8 to latest Pixhawk?

You need to update your hardware, it doesn’t have to be a Pixkawk. There are many supported Flight Controllers. Here is a comprehensive list from the firmware repository:
Arduplane supported FC’s

Ok thanks bro. I will look into it.