Missing Plane Icon and other Map Overlays


I am having an issue with Mission Planner. Some of the text is missing and the icon (the plane icon with all the lines for heading etc) very rarely appears. Mission Planner is also just generally buggy. Not even a reinstall fixed it.
Any guidance would be extremely appreciated.


please provide screenshots and logs.
idealy missionplanner logs from c:\programdata\Mission Planner\Mission planner.log

Here is a screenshot of the main window: https://gyazo.com/ffa39279c3eb06e4e246d68ac7458011
A plane icon should appear right about in the center like it does in the Flight Planner tab: https://gyazo.com/f35a9764022c47c2f6b39074201ed37b

Error log: MissionPlanner.log (101.8 KB)

I’m not sure why its not working with your setup, and the log file didn’t help me with any more details.
can you try a different pc

Hi Michael,

Thanks for giving it a go. Mission Planner does indeed work fine on other computers. I presume it may have something to do with my screen resolution (2160p) and/or scaling. I rolled back from the Beta to the latest stable version, and the problem still occurs to an extent.

With the stable version (v1.3.44 Build 1.1.6240.11550), the text in the top menu is now visible. The icons on the map seem to display if I zoom in and out using the slider. If however I use the mouse wheel to scroll in and out, the icons disappear, and I have to zoom using the slider, after which the plane icon returns. Being able to use the slider to zoom in and out is a little annoying, but it is better than no icons, and makes the program usable. I have attached the latest log, should it be of any help. MissionPlanner.log (362.0 KB)


do you have screen scaling turned on? ie the size of 150% etc and does it do it if you set it back to 100%

Yes, I do have scaling turned on (it was at 250%).

At 100% scaling, the plane icon no longer disappears. As soon as I revert to 250% however, it goes. So it would indeed appear that the issue is related to scaling.