Missing Params 1118 vs 1117 Error.....HELP!

Adding Runcam split 2 lastnight, changed serial 5 from -1 to 26 all seemed fine, have stick control of camera. But I noticed the param load time took longer than usual.
So today, I set serial 5 back to -1 (unused) to see if this was why params took a bit longer to load. Confirmed it loaded faster, no big deal. Went back & changed Serial 5 back to 26 for Runcam, then got this error- Missing Params 1118 vs 1117. Have changed back to -1 & it goes away. Change it back to 26, & it errors every time on param loading? But last night it was fine?? Can anyone help me figure this out?? MP v1.3.75 F405 Wing with Plane v4.1.0 & Runcam Split 2.

Do not use ArduPlane 4.1.0 it is ancient. Update to the latest stable version.

Its a 1mb F405 wing board, Im on the assumption that Runcam Split Uart support was removed on anything after v4.1.0 ?? I moved the camera control from sticks to a switch & it has stop nagging me, but I still dont understand why it was error free the 1st time I setup the uart, then I reverted back to check param loading speed, re-did the uart & the error started?? It concerns me…

RunCam support is on all versions

Thanks Andy, Wikki must not be up too date? Ive been setting up OSD & other settings for this new build all day, and the error disappeared & has not returned?? I will read up on latest version & migrate. What items or issues should I watch for going from 4.1.0 to latest on f405 wing?

That error usually appears when using a dev build where the parameters have moved. You would do well to save your parameters, wipe the board and reload both firmware and parameters

Its a new Nano Talon build, so not a big deal to start fresh, and just leave the Runcam split uart control off & just let it auto start recording. But just trying to learn more, so I can understand whats going on? So am I correct in thinking that its saying it was expecting to see 1118 vs 1117 or something like that?? Ive never seen the “VS” , Thank You Andy…