Missing Params: 1:COMPASS_PRIMARY

Hello- just downloaded the latest QGS and downloaded the latest Ardupilot Master to my Pixhawk 1 board. QGS is complaining that “1:COMPASS_PRIMARY” is missing from the firmware. Anybody know what this is about? I’m new, here.

Compared to the “stable” release, there seem to be many fewer parameters in “master.”

Support for the new Compass priority feature is NYI in QGC. Hence the complaint about COMPASS_PRIMARY parameter which no longer exists. You should still be able to calibrate. But if you have multiple compasses and want to set priority you will need to do it manually.

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Thank you, I will give it a try. If you know how to disable the warning, can you let me know?

Compass priority support just got merged in. A new daily build with support for it should be available in about an hour.


The offending lines of code were in APMSensorParams.qml, lines 20-24. Commenting them out didn’t cause any compilation errors or warnings. The lines that caused it:
// property Fact compassPrimaryFact: factPanelController.getParameterFact(-1, “COMPASS_PRIMARY”)
// property bool compass1Primary: compassPrimaryFact.rawValue == 0
// property bool compass2Primary: compassPrimaryFact.rawValue == 1
// property bool compass3Primary: compassPrimaryFact.rawValue == 2
// property var rgCompassPrimary: [ compass1Primary, compass2Primary, compass3Primary ]

This is fixed in latest daily builds

Also for Android? Latest stable v4.0.11 Android QGC still not fixed. Trying with Arducopter v4.0.5

As I said above. Daily is working its way to become new Stable 4.1

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It is fixed in new 4.1.0.

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