Missing Parameters

I missing some Parameters doing a search with the key world BRD generate only a few items now,

What board and what FW version ?

Frame: HEXA
mRoControlZero 002D001E 32375111 3236343

ChibiOS: d2030d88
ArduCopter V3.6.10 (1c04a91e)

Are you connecting via USB or telemetry radio ?
If you goes directly to the parameter tree and open BRD then you see the other parameters ? If yes, then it is indeed a Mission Planner error. If you don’t see the parameters, than they not sent by the board, which can be a firmware bug (unlikely) or a communication issue…

Hi , Connected via USB and went to tree and only ten lines like in the image above. Missing BRD type normally used to indicate the FC. very odd, I installed Plane as well with the same issues and started fresh with the default config.

Hi, I am using MP 1.3.68 with ArduPilot 3.9 (SITL) to control a Cessna 172 on X-Plane, and after I load my mission, the HUD displays the error in the screenshot, but I can not find those exact names. See WINPOS_MINTWA, _MAXTWA and _DEPTWA in the full params list and they appear to be integers; the error msg says to specify WA MINTWA, … as ‘p’. Does anyone know where I find those?


have a look at the message tab

@Michael_Oborne Oops! I didn’t even think of looking there, but what puzzles me is that in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llRii8hmG1M&t=201s ( Flying a 747 in X-Plane 10 with ArduPilot SITL), it doesn’t look like I see the BAD AHRS etc., messages on the HUD. I just realized that he was using MP 1.3.38 and ArduPlane 3.6, so that might be the reason. Thank you for your quick response.

I am facing the issue of Missing parametes

What may the reason for the same. I have connected the quad to Pixhawk2 Cube. Version of the firmware is 4.0.6.

Mission Planner version is 1.3.75 Build

Did you find any solution?

I have the same issue, does anyone has a solution?