Missing Message in MissionPlanner

As I had AC3.3.3 installed I got the message (spoken) “Command reached …” at every waypoint when I fly in auto-mode. This message is missing in AC3.4.5? How can I solve this problem?

The message is still there. I can only advise to check your MP settings.

I have done no changes on MP when I tested it. Only changed the copter firmware and with AC3.4.5 the message isn’t there. When I switch back to copter firmware AC3.3.3 the massage is there again. How can that be a MP problem??? (Using MP 1.3.44 build 1.1.6240.11550)


I just re-looked at the ArduPilot code and the message is there. There was a change though - it was changed from a warning to an info message. That makes MP not display/speak it - but that is also something that can only be changed in MP since sending these “Reached command” messages as info is the correct thing to do. I recommend you either open a topic here in the forum in the MP category or open an issue in the MP GitHub suggesting a way for improvement.

Where can i find the changes in ArduPilot code?

This is the commit that change it: