Missing INS_ACC3_ID Parameter

Good Morning,

I’ve updated my Pixhawk to the arducopter v4.1.5 yesterday and now I keep getting this error in the daily and stable versions of QgGoundControl:

Parameters are missing from firmware… Missing params: INS_ACC3_ID

I checked the expected Full parameter list and the parameter does show up there.

I have a V3 FMU, so I am using the 2M version (Pixhawk 1) of the firmware:

ArduPilot ChibiOS
Connected to bootloader:
Version: 5
Board ID: 255
Flash size: 2080768

I’ve flown with the firmware and it seems fine, but I am worried that if something is missing there might be other problems

Is this expected behavior? Or is something going wrong?

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The same issue appeared to me. I’m worried about this incompatibility and its influence on config changes done with QGC. And the only option to me is to use QGC as I have only linux station.