Missing initial photos when starting a new strip


Why is flight controller not taking the initial photos (between 1 to 3) every single time the drone starts a new strip but it continuous to take photos in the end? Take a look at the attachments below.

The area to flight is always bigger (and even put the overshoot option on) then the area to map, but this is still very annoying and increase the flight time unnecessary.

Is this a bug?
Is there any solution to get the exact photos like the preview in mission planner?
Is it possible to order the drone to dont ever stop taking photos even in turns?
In the Trigger Method what is the BREAKUP STARTS?

Photos to be taken in the Mission Planner preview: 187.
Photos taken in the real flight: 175

Every mission planner versions have this problem, already tried with various versions.
Quadcopter with 3.4.5 firmware.

The preview in the mission planner:

The flight and the missing photos (red cross):

Thank you.

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