Missing element on APM 2.6 board after crash

Today i tried FLIP feature on 3.1.2v.
It did correctly one flip. Then i tried again, it made one flip then started next.
I quess i interputted second flip by hitting flip switch off. ( But i thought its not supposed flip by flip, i mean u have to set switch to low pos when you want make another).
After it crashed, apm case broken a lil, but as always i though it will be ok.
After i came back to home i connected the apm to the computer. Everything is fine except accelerometr which doesnt work good.
I saw there is missing element on board. I quess it capacitor.
Does anyone know what element it is? So i can solder it and maybe fix my apm.

Okay i found in schematics
Its C22 Capacitor 4,7 uF if anyone need.
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