Missing character in Minim OSD Extra display

I flashed the OSD v1.0 module with MinimOSD Extra_plane_Pre-release_2.4_r703 and the Latest Char set included in the same CT file folder.
The OSD module is connected to APM2.6 UART pinset, and solder was put in to have 5V on both stages.

After spending over 4-5 hours to position my preferred param on config window using FTDI, there are some char missing and some display incorrectly in monitor. See attached PC screenshot on the configuration window, and the photo of my monitor display when the OSD is properly connected to APM2.6.
These include:–

  1. AS (air speed) and GS(ground speed) are missing (upper left).
  2. VS(vertical speed) in config window becomes CR(Climb rate) – mid left
  3. HA(Home altitude) and Thr(throttle)are missing (mid bottom)
  4. The left vertical stroke in heading rose (N displayed) is missing.
    Have tried many different ways, but still can’t solve the problem.

Hope someone can help. Thank you.