Missing channels on extended tunning

I am missing RC channels 7,8,9 and 10. FW 4.0.3 Pixhawk 1 3DRobotics, 1st generation. Everything else works good. Picture attached.

Am i doing anything wrong?

Update Mission Planner to latest Beta or simply use the Full Parameter List and skip the Extended Tuning Menu.

Beta MP didnt help. it is the same. I`ve just tried QGround control and everything works. Hope MP will be fixed in the future. Thanks a lot for your help Dave.

That’s odd because they are there on my version of Beta. I update to Beta frequently, last time was yesterday. But, if QGC is getting it done for you that’s good!

Afirm, i`ve unistalled it and reinstalled and it is the same, i just found that it might be a problem with my desktop because my laptop MP is 100%, i appreciate anyway!!!