Missing channels 7 & 8 using T8J with R2008SB and pixhawk

Hi there,
I am fairly new in this field but very willing to learn. I appreciate you help, as google was not able to help me.
I have T8J radio with R2008SB receiver connected over SBUS to a Pixhawk. My problem is in APM Planner i cannot get any input over channels 7 & 8.
What do I need to do to activate them?

I am assuming you have just your S-bus cable going into the RC input of your Pixhawk?

Do you see the movements for channels 7 and 8 in your radio under the servo menu?

When I updated from 3.1.5 to 3.2 for helicopter I had to move my channels 6 and 7 over to the Aux channels to get my gimbal to work again.

I didn’t see any movement under servo for channels 7 & 8. After a few more minutes of navigation in the menu i discovered that in the aux menu i can assign switches to channel 7 & 8 and now it works! thanks