Missing battery information caused drone to not be able to read battery

Hello, I recently got Mission Planner on my PC. I was doing the set-up wizard and it asked questions like “What autopilot version do you own?, What sensor are you using?” I didn’t know what information to put in so I just left it blank and moved on. Now the Skyviper video app doesn’t know the battery percentage of the drone which makes it not safe to fly. It says the battery percentage is 0% and gives me the low battery warning after I just charged it. Can you tell me the information to put in? Thank you for your help! I have a skyviper 2450 GPS drone. The problem is not the app it’s the drone not knowing how to read the battery.


The version is a modified version of arducopter 3.5. You can monitor the battery voltage in the webapp @
I think I’ve skipped these steps and IIRC I can read the voltage in the flight data screen.


Since no one else has answered yet, I’ll make a reasoned guess:

It sounds like the BATT_VOLT_MULT parameters got messed up. I’m not sure if both are used. From the factory, BATT_VOLT_MULT is 0.8485 and BATT2_VOLT_MULT is 10.1. There is no current sensor so I don’t think those settings matter. Try setting these two and let us know if that fixes it.