Missing Altitude from KMZ from datalogs


The altitude from the latest flight I did today seems to be missing the altitude from the generated KMZ.
A flight from a few weeks ago also extracted today is fine, so I doubt it is the Mission Planner software, however I did update that today. Firmware version reported as ArduCopter V3.0.1

Plot on the left is todays flight (flat), and plot on the right is previous flight (also extracted today)

I had a play around with the data log graphs, and altitude seems to be there;

Could the fact the GPS altitude things I have a negative altitude be the problem? (Blue line)

Altitude hold during the flight was fine also.

Attached are the datalogs for today and the flight that worked from a few weeks ago

Any ideas how I can get a KMZ with the altitude out of todays log?


[color=#004000]That is not a Copter software support question! Please post your support request to the appropriate subforum!
Moved from Copter/3.01.[/color]

I’m also experiencing this same issue. What is the solution to this issue?