Missing advanced params

Hello! new version released 1.2.94 I believe, is missing the advanced params and full list. Hopefully this was an oversight?

It’s there, you have to say “Advanced View” now or something. I saw it briefly but can’t check right now. Not sure why it got hidden, but its there if you re-enable or whatever…

firmware.diydrones.com/MissionPl … ngeLog.txt

  • Mission Planner 1.2.94
    add simple/advanced view (shows/hides tabs) Planner settings > advanced to get it back

In 1.2.94

In order to Be able to look at and modify the Full Parameter list:

Go to the Config/Tuning Tab

Select the left menu “Planner” item.

At the bottom right of the page check mark the Advanced View item.

Click on the Config/Tuning tab again and the Advanced Params and Full Parameter list items will reappear in the left column.


I’d like to offer a few suggestions, as most normal commercial software users don’t read change logs:

  1. Pop up a screen after updating that forces you to view the change log :slight_smile:
  2. Perhaps if you are moving something, put in a place holder for a few versions to point to the new location

Other than that, spectacular job. Keep up the great work!