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Missing Advanced Parameter list issue

I’m new to Apm planner so the answer may be obvious to some, but I’ve knocked myself out over this for a week. Running 2.0.24 built from source on various Debian machines. I find no method to upload any changed in parameters to my ardupilot (2.5).
I’m trying to get the battery voltage reading but am unable to set the changes in he parameter list. There is no “upload” button. I understand changes are to be uploaded through an “Advanced Params” menu item in the Config/Tuning menu. No such heading appears. I have only the “Standard Params”.
What criteria much be met to display these “advanced params”. I’m connecting via modems without problems, and I understand that this menu item is to appear if the ardupilot is connected.
I’ve tried blowing off my ~/apmplanner2 and restarting planner 2, and a few other obvious tricks. Nothing works so far.
This should be obvious, so there seems to be something I’m just not getting. Any enlightenment would be much appreciated.
Thank you…

Go to File | Advanced Mode. Then you should see Advanced Params from CONFIG/TUNING.

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Oops, you’re right! Fixed and thank you for the help.

2 years later and im finding this useful. thx man!

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