Missed green line Rc calibrarion screen?

Latest M.P. and beta does not show green line in RC calibration window ?

1.3.48 out now. to hopefully fix the cause of this

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Hey, the green bars are back. What did you do, draw the background on top of green. No body has ever done that before. Right.


the issue was actually around the data coming into mp. there was an issue with the requests to the autopilot for data.

ie no data, no display.

Great to here. I know when I switched to that screen I would see the green lines for a second and then they were gone. I thought for a while that maybe I had to do a calibrate to see the green lines but didn’t want to mess with that if it was not working and not be able to calibrate.

It just so happened I was testing out an issue and needed to see that screen when it wasn’t working. It seem every time I want to use this tool to look at an issue it wants to update. If I just open it change a parameter or something it doesn’t need to update. I think this tool has my number or I have bad karma. I think this tool doesn’t like me anymore.


depends if you get beta updates or not. normally stable releases are every month or so.
beta can be daily

I had beta turned off for a while and even then the program knew when I wanted to debug something. It has gremlins.

I had to turn Beta back on since I was testing 3.5 and needed the SERVO functions to display the text documentation for those parameters which disappeared when I got the fix by the way.

Great program by the way. I didn’t think C# could do all this but it does.