MIS_DONE_BEHAVE auto option, to quickly create and loop missions at sight

could be possible to have the option “auto” or “reastart” within MIS_DONE_BEHAVE, so that when a mission is done, it’s restarted again from the 1st waypoint, just forever… untill the mode is changed?
it would help to quickly create missions by adding/clearing waypoints with just the remote inputs, by following at sight the vehicle path on the ground/water (small buoys and obstacles are not visible on the map, some things get moved), and then repeat it as long as needed, while tuning the vehicle and seeing the results on the same track or just as a way to program simple mission loops without the need of a ground station link.
what do you think?

That would be redundant, check out existing DO_JUMP mission item.

I know it, i specified with just the remote inputs, without the need of a ground station link, and by the same logic, also the other commands, loiter, hold, are redunant since they exist as commands to be programmed in the groundstation.

The do-jump method also doesn’t require a ground station link I think. It’s just another command like the others that is stored in the mission.

that would be great, how do I add to a mission a do jump to waypoint #1, say 15 times(max limit?) from the radio after adding the waypoints without using a ground station?


DO_JUMP is described here on the wikiand here too… hope that helps.

I know the command, but it doesn’t help, what I wanted to archive is to create and loop a mission with just the radio transmitter, without editing the mission in the groundstation after adding the waypoints from the radio.
it could be done thru scripting, but why not have it as an option in the mis_done parameter?


We have a MissionReset auxiliary switch function. I have never tried it personally but it might do what you are looking for.

that would require me to manually activate the switch every mission end, and is not the automatism that I’m trying to archive.
1 save the waypoints with a radio switch while in manual or steering mode,
2 turn on a switch or button on the radio to add a do_jump to #1 99times(15 max?)
3 switch to auto mode and watch the vehicle cycling continuously thru the saved waypoints.

I’m looking a Lua scripting solution but having a auto or repeat option in mis_done would allow this, and to me it would make sense in some scenarios for using the veichle and automate it without a groundstation.