Minipix flight controller for helicpter use

Hello all
I have a question for anyone who has knowledge for the minipix manufactured by radiolink.
Radiolink shows the unit using mission planner but i can’t find any more information on it anyone using it or have knowledge of it’s use i am interested in using one if it works on a heli and if its not real complicated to program it, i hope i am asking this question in the correct forum.


You don’t have to read further than this:

Choose another Flight Controller.

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Wow no wonder i couldn’t get any info from the manufacture can you recommend a FC for a 450 size heli i have a matek765 but i could not get it to work thanks for the reply and information

I’m actually not a Trade Heli guy (Multirotors, Planes, Rovers). I would create a new post and ask that general question. The Heli experts will chime in.

Thanks for the help and info