MiniOSD Connection issue help needed

Hi all

Got a bit of an odd problem with my MiniOSD I need some help or advice with

Whilst still awaiting the delivery of the restot of my FPV kit to arrive I started having a play configuring my MiniOSD ready for connection of the rest of the kit. I had watched a number of the usual YouTube videos as a guide so I was ready to connect, it was then that I noticed an odd problem, all the guides I have read or seen talk about the MiniOSD needing a 12v supply for the camera and analogue side of the MiniOSD and 5v needed for the digital side of the MiniOSD. and talk about the 12v being supplied via a battery and the 5v being supplied by the flight controller, which in my case is a pixhawk.

On the MiniOSD there are 2 red LED’s that light to indicate when each side is being powered. I did check and both the solder pads on the MiniOSD are not bridged

Now to my problem if I connect either the 5v or the 12v supply both LED’s light up. does that mean I dont need to supply both 12 & 5 volts to the board.

With 5v connected 5v is present on the camera 12v pin

With 12v connected 5v is present on the 5v pin

Help I am confused.


Mini OSD

12v Supplied

5v supplied

Board side A

Board side B

I have an original with the airplane on the back and says 3DR on it. With the 12Volts plugged in only the 12volt LED comes on. If I plug the 5volt in only the 5volt LED come on. If I plug both 12Volt and 5Volt in both come on. You must have the shunt connected somehow.

You need to use both for good video quality. I needed 12 volts for the video transmitter that also powers the 12Volt side.

Now that I see the back side of your unit next to the seal there is a solder bridge that I don’t have. I think you need to remove that to use both 5 volt and 12 volt.


The two solder tabs, one set on each side are NOT bridged with solder and I checked them with a meter as well and getting no connection.

I cant figure out why I am getting both stages powered with only one power lead connected and either power lead doing the powering.

Something is very odd with this MiniOSD

Hi Paul. I have two clone Minim modules from different sources. Unless things have changed, I have been lead to believe that it’s better to power the board bridged anyway, so that the regulator on the 12v side isn’t overworked (overheating).
That being the case, maybe if your OSD works as it is, (video and overlay) you should just power your video camera with a seperate 12v line from the VTx and just use the ground and signal lines on the Minim?
Best DP

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