Minimum voltage for Brick power module

Hi everyone,
What is the minimum voltage for Brick power module? Is possible with 2S?

you can use a 2s lipo battery, but after this you have to consider the esc you want use and motors… there are some esc that supports 2s-3s… and more

Hi @Dave84,
only need power module to power the CUBE and the Here3.

if you only need for this kind of use you don’t need be worried

2S is cutting it really close as you get towards the lower end of the pack’s charge. Once you get below 6.5V or so, you’ll see the regulator start to get upset as the output is set for 5.38V and the headroom between the output and the input varies with load, but it’s normally between 0.5V and 0.6V.

Thanks for your information @Dave84 / @apache405