MinimOSD works AC4.1.5 but not with >=AC4.2.0 (SOLVED)

Hi Community,
I have replaced the Devo control in a Walkera Tali H500 with an old Pixhawk1-1M. So far, seems to work ok. After upgrading to >=AC4.2.0 no input is displayed. Downgraded to AC4.1.5 and it works again.
Any parameters to adjust, like SR to get the Mavlink messages with more recent versions > AC4.1.5 ?
Regards Espen
Tali with AC4.1.5
Devo F12E

You need to set the serial port to mavlink 1, it would automatically switch back to mavlink1 on firmware older than 4.2.

Tnx, Thought I did test this but I will do it again :slight_smile:

Tnx again, Now I have flashed AC4.2.2 and I have set Serial Port 0 with Mavlink2 protocol(2), Serial Port 1 with Mavlink1 protocol(1), Serial Port 2 with Mavlink2 protocol(2), Serial Port 3 with GPS(5), Serial Port 4 with passthrough(10), Serial Port 5 with passthrough(10). MinimOSD works :slight_smile: Tnx

Now another problem solved, I could not ARM the motors. Armchecks was disabled (0) SafetySwitch works, Sound like ARM/DISARM is ok but no motor started to spinn.
Problem was; The MOT_PWM_MAX & MIN values being Zero (0). I checked the RC3_MAX & MIN values RC3 MAX (1910) RC3 MIN (1109) and input some values for test MOT_PWM_MAX (1900) & MIN (1050) I dont know if these are opimal values, but motors started up.
Reason could be that I had loaded old parameters from ver AC4.1.5 Need to search for other impacts. :slight_smile: