Minimosd weird characters

now the osd is giving me fits.update charset,weird characters every where.also noticing big battery drain from the gopro.what in the world is goin on? :cry:

first question is a Hobbyking or other MinimOSD clone or genuine 3DR(I just had a HK clone break in exactly the same way, there was no fixing it, replaced with a clone from multirotor superstore).
This seems to work a bit better but polarity of pixhawk connector seems to be reversed.

If 3DR then call customer support and open an issue for a swap out… 3DR is very good about supporting their parts for the IRIS .

let us know how it goes…

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ps try loading the charset for the OSDconfig,hex,charset combo you are using before doing anything… use the OSD_config program in windows to load same with a serial adapter…

i got it from 3dr-not even an hour on it.seems tobe draining my go pro battery real hard for some reason. :frowning:
i need to get osd programming cable-3dr is out of i will wait. :frowning:
Thank you.

any 3.3.V FTDI 6 pin serial/usb adapter works…


i will see what i can find in my junk pile.

Thank You.

Not any cable will work as the it needs to power the unit at 5 volts but the Rx/Tx pins are 3.3v.
Does not explain the power drain on the camera. Are you using the correct pins for the gopro.
Do you see the picture from your camera at least. Using the wrong pins or having the connect in upside down will cause bad things to happen.
My gopro no longer charges the battery…


yes,i get video output.
seems like i got stuck with some lemons.

I would check your wiring. The firmware and baud rates will be correct from 3DR.

cable came from 3dr,not easy to mess that up.
followed instructions to the tee.done this type of stuff for a while now-first time using 3dr stuff.
worked fine for about an hour than all kinds of weirdness,i have it dismantled now.

Thank You.

Did you power it from the flight battery or a separate battery?

powered it from this -
has 5 volt power out put.

Thank You.

In the instructions it’s powered by 12V see
Character corruption happens when the voltage is too low to the max chip. I’m not sure what the minimum is, guessing 6V…

Looking more at the docs it seems it requires 7V see … e_Diagrams

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

there is 2 power input points,one from front-one in back-front one is 12-back is five volts.
do they both need more than 5?

ah-i see-gotta jack my voltage up-

Thank you.

The autopilot side draws 5V from the Pixhawk using the supplied 3DR cable. The output side is powered from the 12V (7v min if using a fat shark 5V camera, as per the instructions)

You indicated you followed the instructions, I think they maybe different than the links I posted, can you post a link to them? Thx

rewired osd to 12 volt,update character set,still weird characters all over screen.uhg.ordered new one from 3dr-hope it lasts longer than an hour like last one.

MinimOSD will run off 5v, the 12v side has a regulator to drop it to 5v which used to be the weak point. You can link both 12v and 5v sides together via solder pads and power the whole board just off the 5v input on the FC side.

My own MinimOSD’s are both set up with the 12v and 5v sides linked and powered off of a dedicated 5v ubec with no problems.

then there is something wrong with this osd.i have wired it 2 seperate ways,reprogram,all that.still got messed up characters.

ok-i updated characters again,probably 4 times now,this time i added front bat power,now it is happy,seems to be working.