MinimOSD v1.1 connections/cables

Hi all,
My first post here! Yay! :slight_smile:
Recently I purchased the HKPilot Mega 2.7 Master Set with OSD, LEA-6H
GPS, Power module, Telemetry Radio (915M) from the Hobbyking AU warehouse
I’ve been putting it together, however the OSD seems to require a df13-4pin plug to plug into the I2C port on the flight controller.
The OSD needs a 4-pin which strangely it didn’t come with. Does anyone know where I could get it?
I have the external gps/compass plugged into the gps port and also the external compass port (although as a side thing, apparently someone else who has same has said the compass doesn’t work when plugged in there), and the osd I assumed to plug into the I2C port right next to the power module (and it is allegedly by default configured to osd).

Don’t understand here. The OSD is connected to the serial port of the APM which should be a 5 pin Y cable to a 5 pin flat connector. The other end is connected to the camera and transmitter.
I2C is for the external compass on the LEA-6H which is the 4 pin connector with two wires connected in the middle.


The MInimOSD is for serial data not I2C.
They are configured to accept MavLink packets and extract the data from that so they plug into a serial port or ‘T’ off the Telem port.
The only cables needed are +ve, Gnd, Tx data from serial port.
Later versions can use the Rx line to the serial port as there some issues with MavLink looking for a request for data to initiate sending.
Most of mine are just the 3 wires for the MinimOSD.