MinimOSD updating gps, voltage and current

Hi all!
Early I wrote about problem with update params in OSD on firmware extra-2.4-r800: APM, OSD battarey info and gps update problem
But nobody has no solutions. Once I found works solution in diydrones forum flash minimosd to arducam 2.0. Here:
But I like 2.4 firmware and I was want to solve problem on 2.4 firmware. And I did it! I found main difference in work this firmwares: that 2.0 after booting writes message “Request data streams”. At this message OSD doing request frequency of sr* params via telemetry port. In 2.4 fw this block was commented (I think it needed only apm, wich no more support). My solution is uncomment this block and compile works firmware. current firmware is r805. In attache compiled firmware minimosd-copter 2.4-r805 with requestig block. It works for me. (27.4 KB)

N.B.: It works only if you not using bt or radio telemetry, to telem port connected only minimosd only. And tx wire must be connected.

Today I found one more fork of minimOSD-extra: After read source, I think that it should work too. =)