MinimOSD THR stuck at 50%

Hi all i have MinimOSD that keeps showing 50% throttle in the osd
i tough it was the osd so i re flashed with new firmware
same thing 50% throttle

so i did the same with the pixhawk updated to 3.8.4 plane then it worked but as soon as i upload my param file it went back to showing 50% throttle
anyone know what in a param file that could do this got me beat

rycbo.param (14.3 KB)

Nothing in parameters could do that.
A change in mavlink2 VFR_HUD could.
You can compare tlog from last working Vs new version of ArduPlane.

No logs but if i load the param this file it works

std.param (14.4 KB)

ok found it
it should be -100

that fixs it but thats not right it should be 0

I have the same issue. Found out for that the twin engine setup with
Is the reason for this behaviour. When i put a normal throttle SERVOn_FUNCTION = 70 on an unused servo port OSD is working again.

I raised an issue for that bug:

ok yes its a twin two :roll_eyes: