MinimOSD - should I jack it in!

I’m currently battling with a minimosd faced with the dreaded blank screen. I’ve tried all the recommended wiring setups, two batteries, single battery, bec, with a couple of different cameras with the same result a blank screen.
My cameras and video transmitters work perfectly when I connect them to my Matek F405 Wing which has the osd build in.
I dont want to ditch my pixhawks and trusty apms, but I would like OSD not just telemetry for FPV purposes, so the Matek is looking like the way forward.
Any advice guys?

I would not buy another minimOSD again but while they work I am keeping them – the latest Night Ghost firmware is really good. When they do not it is a hair-pulling experience. If you want a really good graphic OSD for FPV look at Pitlab OSD with the Mavlink firmware.

Thanks for the recommendation Mark, I’ll take a look.,
I’ve tried the Night Ghost firmware but I’ll give them one more go then move on if its a bust.
Being a Scot it breaks my heart to write them off though!

Here is the RCGroups thread for Pitlab OSD.

But you cannot go wrong with the Matek Wing. This costs more than the Matek but it offers a much more elaborate OSD.

Yes the Matek Wing is certainly value for money at the moment, but the Pitlab gear looks interesting. Made in my fatherland too!
Have you any experience with the full Pitlab flight controller, osd and ground station as a complete system?

Yes I do. It is probably the best FPV system. Great people as well. If you really want to fly FPV and not mess with the complex configuration of Ardupilot it is brilliant. It has ILS zero visibility landing features. Ardupilot is more complex and versatile. I just opted to standardize on Ardupilot. But I did order a new Pitlab OSD board for $100 (which included a remote temp sensor).

Check out the Pitlab RcGroups thread. Lots of activity.

I have a lot of MinimOSD’s in circulation and have only had issues like yours with a couple.

Turned out to be the camera.
Put a momentary break switch in the video line from the camera and when all is powered up, press the button and the OSD appears.

If you are not getting video, and only a blank screen as you describe then it is likely the video Tx line is the problem.
If you get OSD and no video then the video camera line.
The Minim seem to work much better when running from the 5v line, but don’t try to power them from the FC, use a separate filtered 5V.

Thanks Mike,
I’ll have another go tomorrow with a clean power supply.
Which firmware do you use, could this be a fimware issue, or have I maybe not updated a compatible char set?

Just to cover all bases, confirm both camera and MinimOSD are on the same video format, i.e. both NTSC or both PAL. If using NightGhost, try an older version. And as suggested earlier, power the MinimOSD with it’s own 5v BEC and not shared with anything else.

Good luck.

Tried my best, followed all advice but no joy, Just to crown it all I’ve fried my camera whilst dicking about trying to get my minims working, reversed polarity due to the pos and neg being swapped round from the normal servo lead position on the matek wing. Bu***r.
I’ve ordered an aeromax osd board to try instead and two new hs117’s are on their way from Bangood.

Great news, I must be d***head.
My aeromax board arrived this morning, soldered the pinheaders and connected up with simplified wiring, loaded firmware and it worked straight off.
Guess what, i return to my minum, reflash the MWOSD firware, transfer my now simplified wiring and it fires up too after a reflash of the font.
Lesson learnt, KISS, and I do feel stupid.
Thanks all.