MinimOSD not displaying data without computer connection

I am using the HKPilot Mega 2.7 and have gotten a lot of this sorted out with all of you help. Thanks!

One final issue I have is the OSD. It will only display the current info with a MAVLink connection between the computer and the telemetry radios. If I try to use them without the radios very limited data displays. The heading and orientation data displays but no location, speed, battery information.

If I establish a link everything works as it should. I can then unplug the telemetry and the OSD continues to work fine.

I googled and found the listing of parameters to change and have changed those. Still nothing.

I believe there is a heart beat between the Mavlink and the computer.
When you disconnect the radio then the heart beat is no longer there and the unit stops sending Mavlink information.
No Mavlink data no OSD data.