MinimOSD Mavlink data connection failed sometimes

Sometimes (in fact after each start) the minimOSD pixhawk connnection failed (OSD display "no input data) and I need to restart board and minimOSD…

Could you tell me how solve the problem ?


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Set the TELEM_DELAY parm to 10 seconds. You’ll see “no input data” for that length of time, but it then starts up. I had about 90% success at 7 seconds…now have it set to 15 for my plane. There’s some sort of sequencing problem that this must fix.

It took me about 15 hours to figure out how to flash and program everything and then overcome the input data problem. Today, I programmed my second OSD in 5 minutes. A steep learning curve…but you’re almost home now.



Thanks RogerR! Been struggling with the same thing and this fixed it perfectly.

Thank you for this !

Problem definitively solved with this settings