MinimOSD at the ground?

Would it be possible to connect the MinimOSD at the ground Video Rx? I once did this succesfully with a MikroKopter.

The idea is that I already have telemetry at the ground using a 3DR modem, so why carry the OSD in the air (weight, more complicated setup, more interference and lack of space)? Putting the OSD between the VRx output and my goggles would be a nice alternative. Of course the Tx of the OSD should not be connected, only use it in listening mode.

Of course, without problems.
However, you might see the OSD as a backup in case your primary telemetry links fails…

Yes, that is the only advantage I can think of for putting the OSD on the airplane or kopter.

More in favorite for the ground option are:

  • If you lose the kopter or plane you don’t lose the OSD.
    -On the ground you can record the image without OSD and only display the OSD in your goggles. (My VRx has two video outputs)

I got it working feeding the MinimOSD directly with a video signal from a camera like a GoPro. However if I use the video signal from my ImmersionRC 5.8GHz diversity Rx the OSD overlay is not displayed, not even at boot time. If I disconnect the video signal or feed it directly without the VTx/Rx inbetween the OSD is working fine.

I read somewhere others were having the very same issue, but it appears they messed up the PAL and NTSC setting / HW. Mine are all on PAL, using a PAL camera to no avail.