MinimOSD and Fatshark

Thank you!
I have a new X8 that I haven’t flown yet because I’m trying to get my Fatshark Atitude SD goggles & camera (5v) to work with the MinumOSD, but so far no luck in getting the 2 to play together. Anyone else attempted this with success?

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I have had the same problem sir.

You can refer to my post in the same sub-forum.

Briefly I got it working once after which it just didnt show any data.
I tried with two MinimOSD units. Both had to be sent back.

I finally got the two units back!

Apparently 3DR were kind enough to give me a replacement.
This time this certain component has the number ‘102F’ on it. It is located near the video in-out pins.
The previous units has ‘102D’ components on them.
They have also clear heat shrinked the whole unit. ( i guess the PCB is sensitive to touch)

Quickly flashed one of the units and hooked it up. Works like a charm now. I also dedicated a secondary smaller battery to power the MinimOSD this time!