Minim OSD switching issue

Has anyone experienced a similar problem to this? Basically I’ve uploaded the latest 934 mavlink firmware to minim osd (tried on 3 different units now) I boot up Pixhawk 2 and get the screen I set up on the config tool for a second and then it switches to another screen that isn’t even relevant.

Side note: I’m aware the charset is incorrect in the pics…

Also, screen switching is disabled

Split second it shows the correctly configured screen:

Then it switches to this permanently:

latest MinimOSD Extra i based my OSD on was r805, so I do not know 934 - but I can guess what you see is a summary screen that is expected to show at interval when not airborne, and display flight distance, time, etc…

not sure if you are speaking of minimOSD Extra or another fork.

I’ve noticed there’s a specific build where MinimOSD extra gets wonky and I no longer upgrade it. I think, as Andre indicated above, that r805 is the last good version. I got all sorts of issues if I go higher than that.