MiniGroundConrol, A very simple GCS on Android

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MiniGroundControl is a simple ground control station for ArduPilot powered UAVs. It is not a full-featured GCS like Mission Planner or QGroundControl. The goal of this project is to create a simple, enough for casual flight GCS designed specifically for phones. While Mission Planner and QGroundControl are powerful, their UI are designed for PC and may not be easy to use on phones. To use MiniGroundControl, you need a USB OTG type-c adapter and a SiK Telemetry Radio.

This project uses usb-serial-for-android and dronefleet’s MAVLink SDK

This project uses an icon designed by Rudes Studio and downloaded from iconfinder as its app icon under CC BY 3.0

You can find source at GitHub - chobitsfan/MiniGroundControl: A simple Android ground control station for AduPilot powered UAVs


Hi, thanks @chobitsfan I will try it!

It would also be interesting to see some photos of your little copter and how you screened the gps. Thank you

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Hi @Alberto_Ds thank you, I am looking forward to hear from you.

About my small copter, I use copper foil tape to screen my gps module. FC is Kakute H7. Downfaced raspberry pi zero for precision landing.

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