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Minicarrier board and Cube Black

Hello all,
do you have somebody experience wit mini board with Cube Black? I did try to switch current carrier with mini one, but I have the problem with motors. ECS is still beeping (without signal). Could you please give me some advise?
Thank you.

Good day, did you check the pwm values and the settings on servos parameters?

Hello, thank you for your answer. Yes I did. After that I unveil that The Cube was wrong. After exchanging for new Cube it is working. Something went wrong with Cube probably during manipulation or texting.
Thank you. Regards. George

Hello, mini carrier board for Pixhawk is now running, but I have a problem with battery monitor . I do not receive data from battery monitor to Pixhawk. In full board it is working. Could you give me some advise?
Thank you

Good day, you must set in MP the option battery monitor…

OK, thank you. I forgot this settings :slight_smile:

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