mini pix radiolink no signal radio

Hello everyone,

I bought a mini pix radiolink, I do not have an answer when I send an email to radiolink.I regret my purchase.I must log on radiolink mission planner
it is difficult, besides I am new on the model
I did not get a signal on the mission planner.
I pressed the r12ds button twice.
the light became purple and it was good.
I put esc and I downloaded the racing drone 210 as on the documentation.
since I have no more signal. I can not make a calibration or arming radio.
Can you help me?
sorry for my english.


ok, I ask one last question.
how to delete the recording on a mini pix radiolink
I mean a reset

I don’t have one of those FC’s but isn’t there a “Reset to Default” button on the RadioLink Mission Planner Parameter List page?

yes, yes, there is a button on the list of parameters of the page and the parameter tree
nevertheless I remain without a bus signal
when I do a “reset to default”
I do not understand I had a signal and then nothing.

We are fighting against a language barrier.

What we need is a step-by-step description of what you did, how you did it, and what indications you got.

I dreaded that little word.
I am using a translator, I can not explain.
it’s a great site, France is 10 years late.
no problem, I will look line by line.
it’s exciting programs
sorry for my subject
moderator can you delete my message.

Are you using the USB connector on the MiniPix or an add-on wifi connection?
I have no problem using Win10 and a USB connection.

my god I will try.
I am using the USB connector of the mini pix.
I use win AT9S.receiver R12DS.esc DYS (simonk)
I did not have a signal.
I pressed the receiver twice, it turned purple.
and everything was fine. I had a bus signal.
I installed gps, frame type compass
I had a signal
I installed param 1 “racing210” which is on the mini-pix.
Then I did the calibration for the engines
and I broke down.
for information
I am on the branch
I deleted everything parametrer list, parametrer tree
still no signal.
I’m sure there is information on the mini-pix.
for the radio, I use the firmware 1.7.5
type of multirotor model.

after spending my gear on the oscilloscope.
I noticed a short circuit at an esc.
mini pix conclusion to change.