Mini Pix Firmware error

I recently tried to reflash my Mini Pix autopilot from Arduplane to arducopter 3.5 and after flash it will not connect anymore. Is there a way to reflash or repair the controller? It was working fine while it was flashed with arduplane but decided to put it in a quad instead. Now just red light on controller. Here is a screen shot of the error connection. I am using the Radiolink Mission Planner. Thanks for your help Steve

In order for USB to work there has to be running firmware on the board.

Somehow the firmware did not get loaded correctly and the board is bricked.

All is not lost though. You just need to get the board to boot up in boot loader mode so you can flash a valid firmware onto it.


I realize this is the RadioLink “special” pix but out of curiosity will QGC connect? Anytime I have had problems flashing firmware with MP, usually with a PIxRacer, QGC will do the job. Of course even if it did connect you would need the Radiolink firmware file and I understand they don’t make that available any longer.

How do you get it to load up in boot loader mode?

I got it to work by connecting to QGC than reconnecting to Mission Planner and it reflashed to copter. Thanks guys.