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Mini osd overlay disappear?

(basti) #21

@xingxing the character issue after flashing MWOSD is likely due to a charset mismatch, as MWOSD and minimOSD charsets are not interchangeable. make sure you’re using the right *.mcm file required for the respective firmware.
in case you want to go back to minimOSD fw, you’ll likely need to clear eeprom first. a respective sketch can be found in the minimOSD repo’s tools folder iirc.

cheers, basti.

(xingxing) #22

Can I reset the eeprom in the mini osd config tool. I reset the eeprom in the config tool, but the issue still exists.


(RickyG) #23

did you first try flashing with the correct character set.

(xingxing) #24

NO,I think I have flash the character set but not sure the font is match with the Firmware. can you send me your Firmware with the right character set?my I just plug in the wrong line that cause short circuit, but the osd seems still ok, l don’t know how to flash back to mini osd FW right now. besides do you know how to check the osd whether it’s good or not. according to MWOSD manual, I can flash debug Firmware, but it can not be flashed any other Firmware, I didn’t know how to check the osd in debug mode. the manual ask to check the value of PKT and RX value. I didn’t know what’s that mean.


(xingxing) #25

the flashing stop , any advice?thank you.


(RickyG) #26

Here is a link to the files

(cala2) #27

Thats updated Ricky?

(RickyG) #28

It’s what I had. There may be newer…but I was asked for what I was using.

So is MWOSD Arudcopter compatible.

(cala2) #29

Im using this one, I hope the most update.

(RickyG) #30

Thanks I have an OSD I need to flash.


(cala2) #31

You have more functions and more screens here, new modes are included too.