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Mini OSD EXTRA 2.2

The OSD works find after I connect the power to the pixhawk and video transmitter which provide power for the OSD and camera ,but after several seconds,the osd display becomes the attached photo.

the mode change channel in my flight controller is channel 5,and the mini osd control channel is channel 8,so there can’t be conflict in the osd and mode change, to double make sure that , I even disable the OSD channel.but the OSD still like that .

my sequence of connect power is that
first connect the battery power to the pixhawk which provide 5v to the OSD.
second connect the battery power to the vedio transmitter which provide 12V the OSD and camera together
In this way the OSD work as pre describe ,so I reverse the power connect sequece above ,but the osd still disapear after several seconds

after the OSD message disappear ,the screen also have some battery votage display,it’s not sent from pixhawk but from camera which have the votage detect feature.

do any body know what the problem is ?![OSD01|375x500]

No reply …:wink:

Had to find my Mini MinumOSD board and hook it up to my PixRacer.

Shows that 2.2 screen and then has a bar on the bottom showing booting up.

After that it shows requesting data streams.

After that It shows the mavlink data on the screen. Works just fine. Checked it with Telem1 and Telem2.

My guess is that it is no long receiving Mavlink data and goes back to that screen.


Oops. I never upgraded the OSD software so mine shows ArduCAM OSD 2.2

I use the nightghost minimosd extra, and for that the serial port must be set to mavlink1 protocol (not mavlink2) or I get all zeros/null data on the screen.

i have got the same problem for a long time, and without solution,
it some times works, some time didn’t,

i have replaced another mini osd board from manufacture, it seems works better than the previous one, but still works unstable.
some times it works after i connect the power, but it lose mavlink data after several min,.some times the osd receive mavlink data again after take off or landing, some times the osd lose mavlink data when I change mode.some times the osd get the data again when i change mode.
But I still haven’t found the pattern of malfunction.
do you have any suggestions, thanks

Sounds like you may have a floating ground or loose pin.


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